Finding Recipe Inspirations

I think it’s clear to see that I am such a foodie and although my day to day schedule very rarely gives me time to relax, when I do,  you will find me in front of the TV with a new recipe book that I will have more than likely just purchased.  I love everything about cooking and of course baking (which is 99% what I will be doing in the kitchen) but as it’s a new year and new years hold many resolutions, one of mine is to cook more (as I can’t physically bake anymore than I do).But saying that, sometimes I find it very difficult finding the motivation to go through all the recipe books and actually cook something after a long day rather than just opting for the easy option of cereal. Soooo because I have a new obsesion with cookery books, I thought I’d share some of the books (and one or two blogs) that I turn to for daily inspo. LESSSS GOOOOOO!!



NIOMI SMART // eat smart// : I bought this book early September last year when Niomi released her first cook book, eat smart. I didn’t know much about Niomi or her plant based diet, as shamefully, I didn’t really discover her Youtube channel until last year (terrible, I knowwww). As her cook book is plant based it doesn’t include any meat meals, which may not appeal to some people, but I think this book is a good one to turn to when wanting a veggie day. The breakfast options are those I turn to the most, especially the carrot cake porridge and mixed fruit and nut granola. This book is full of goodness and includes staple meals you can keep going back too!

Her Youtube channel is also great to visit when wanting real life inspo. Her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ segment has me hooooked.


JAMIE OLIVER // Everyday Super Food// :  I FRIGGIN LOVE JAMIE OLIVER!! His shows, him, his books… honestly I can’t get enough!  This book contains everyday food everyone wants but just healthier. We hated Jamie when we were little when we realised he was the one to get rid of wellington fudge in primary schools (if you were unlucky to not try this you really did miss out) but after growing up with the constant changes to what’s really good for you, it’s clear he was actually just doing us a favour. I especially like this book because although containing the standard recipes for breakie, lunch, dinner and snacks, it also has another whole section named LIVE WELL. This section is full of information about anything related to a healthy lifestyle from what his philosophy is on the balanced plate, to the basics of sleep. It’s so interesting…. again sososo hooked.



JOE WICKS // LEAN IN 15//  : I am a true Joe Wicks fan. I own all of the books he has released the past few months and there are no regrets for sure. I’ve actually written about this book before but I am happy to talk about these LEAN IN 15 books for hours.. they are favs. I think he is a hit because he shows that his approach is about making small lifestyle changes rather than following a strict regime. A true selling point for me about these books are that they are super quick to make after a long day/day at work, yet contain the right ingredients and nutrients leaving you extremely satisfied. I’m a big fan of the fact that he also shows you post workout and pre workout meals, this is V useful to me.


Poppy Deyes //  I LOVE POPPY DEYES. Her blog isn’t based truly on food and recipes but she very often posts about the new recipes shes found and decided to try out. When I am wanting good mooch/read I always find myself on her blog. Even if I don’t end up using the exact recipes I get so much inspo from everything she posts. I usually find myself searching for something sweet and now she is basically my new Pinterest. One thing I did give a go were the banana pops…AHMAZINGGG.















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