As you may all know from my constant tweets, Instagrams and Snapchats, I have recently just hit my 20’s. And before you all think … ‘your 20? ppffft you look 15’ I 100% AGREE. I apparently have this gene where I don’t grow up and I’m not too sure if I’m happy or sad/frustrated by this…(however I did just get in to a firework display for £3 because he thought I was 14-17) 👍 #winning

Now after many celebrations and faaaar to many cocktails it finally hit me that I’m OFFICIALLY out of my teens. WTF. It was weird,  I wasn’t ready for this ‘big’ birthday because here in the UK turning 20 isn’t like turning 18 where you finally have the freedom to drink and go clubbing, but entering a new decade was like holy fucking shit what have I achieved in the past 20 years?!

Thinking back to when I was 11/12 ish, I had all these future plans that I was definitely going to achieve by the time I hit 20. (and if you haven’t had these thoughts then don’t kid yourself because you soooo did). I was like ‘I’m gunna meet my future husband on my 18th birthday and then we’ll be together for 3 years and then he’ll propose and we’ll marry 2 years later and move out and then have kids by the time I’m 26 and life will be perfect’… But here I am 2 years already behind schedule..not to mention 20, still single and living at home. *inserts 8 million and 4 thumbs up* (plus a few sarcastic smilies).

I’ve always been surprised when people who don’t know me too well say that they expect me to be 22-24 based on the way I act (definitely not look). It is flattering to think that I come across as someone who seems to have their shit together on the outside…hahaha GOOD ONE.

I know it’s hard to really achieve anything in your first 10 years of life (that’s what I keep telling myself) and your main worry is finding the best way to tell someone that the game your playing is a 2 person game not 3. I’m not going to lie though, it’s still a little disheartening when some child actors are already on more money than you will earn in your entire lifetime…Disney Channel stars, yes I’m talking about you.

The next 10 years are predominately teen years and this basically means school, school, school and more school…yeah grades are fine and yes it’s an ‘achievement’ getting all your grades blah blah blah but yet here I am 2 years later STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT MY SHIT (did I mention I was already behind schedule?!)

I thought maybe those attending university would have a head start at this ‘getting your life on track’ but apparently spending money on alcohol and club entry doesn’t help you.. interesting 🤔…

But truthfully though, I’m just being dramatic and you have plenty of time to do what you wanna do… just make sure you don’t have a strict day by day regime like myself where you end up wanting to cry daily.

Happy turning 20 and if you haven’t got your shit together by 30 then call me.

(Last word of advice. Don’t go around making marriage pacts with people because I thought that would be a great idea and now I’m kinda fucked)..










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