Travel Essentials

Anyone else find packing their hand luggage as difficult as packing their main suitcase?

I, like anyone else, begin with just a few bits and bobs here and there and before I know it I’m carrying this big ass rucksack around with me which was supposed to look kinda stylish but now makes me look like a year 7 boy who fits their entire school book collection in their school bag just to be safe. (We’ve all seen him) And you definitely don’t want to be that kid in the airport, TRUST ME.

Now I’m by no means a travel expert, even though I have flown to some pretty exciting places in my time (and by that I mean Disney World). I still struggle to figure out what I actually need in my hand luggage and what I’m just packing for the sake of packing it. Days before I find myself on google having multiple tabs open trying to find some checklist that will hopefully help me get my shit together and you know what it really does help. Of course it will differ depending whether you lucky buggers are flying long haul or short haul but hopefully what I’m going to share with you will be a little extra useful next time you are flying. So ENJOY.



I’ve been using the same old rucksack for the past few trips away. I know it’s small enough to use as a carry on and it has drawstrings and a clip on it so you know it’s going to be safe. It also fits everything in that I need without allowing me too much scope to pass the line of traveller to 11 year old boy.



You ain’t going nowhere with these two!! A girls gotta have her passport and boarding pass on her at all times. I would be lying if I said I held onto it the whole way around the airport but you and me know that once we get to the important part of the journey our mums hold that responsibility no matter how old you are.

I have recently purchased a velcro travel wallet which holds all your essential essentials so everything is in one place (the last thing you want is to complicate things). Also be sure to have some home money and some currency from the country your visiting on hand in case of emergencies.



One of the first things I think about is what I’m going to wear when travelling. It’s hard because its not like you can leave England in the same clothes you will wear in Spain for example…that’s just ridiculous.  I tend to opt for those baggy pant/trouser things that were in fashion last summer and any tank top that matches. Shoes wise, I’ll wear either pumps or sandals but pack 2 pairs of socks for the flight because especially on the way home it is FREEZING! A hoodie or jumper is useful to pack in your large suitcase so you can transfer it to your hand luggage for when you’re returning home.



Maybe not short haul flights but long haul flights definitely make you feel a little less than fresh. I always make sure I have a moisturiser, lip balm, hand cream and wet wipes on me at ALL times.  Ooooh and chewing gum or mints for sure.

I also never wear makeup to travel in because your skin gets super dry on the flight anyway. Just wear super big sunglasses and all will be okay.



My Iphone is always fully stocked with Spotify downloads, addictive apps and eBooks. It isn’t actually too bad on a long haul flight when you have a TV in front of you as you can just binge watch anything and everything, or if you’re me watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 7 times because I was too young to understand anything else.  However, on a short haul flight you don’t get the opportunity to do this so you have to entertain yourself for a few hours. I always make sure I pack a book of some kind, a trashy magazine and a sudoku puzzle book because I’m 70.




-Hair Bobbles

-Earphones that work.




-phone charger




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  1. This post is amazing XD keep up with your amazing posts xx can’t wait to read more posts soon XP

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    1. itselysia says:

      thank you so much!!


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