A Help Or A Hindrance?

The human race is extraordinary, one minute it can be finding cures for diseases but then the next minute it could be turning on it’s own kind and killing members of it’s own team. The majority of the world is good however there is the minority that lets us down. It saddens me to think that the power that people hold in the world is being used to tear the world apart not build it up. All we manage to do in the aftermath is ask ourselves why and instantly know that we won’t get any responses to our questions.

You wouldn’t believe that the world is a good place when all you seem to see on the news is negativity. Everyday I turn the news on expecting to see something else, whether that be more shootings, bombings or basic human attack. I now find myself just waiting around for the next one.

I presume I’m not the only one that seems to think that these events are becoming far too common and people are definitely more vulnerable to harm than ever before. I’ve never really been too involved in the worlds events but I for sure feel the need to be so I can check out the ‘danger zones’.Thinking back over the past few months it’s disgraceful to see how many different groups of people and how many different places have been under attack. Paris, Belgium, Orlando, Nice and Turkey. The past few months have been hell for everyone around the world and we are now living in fear because we don’t know where or who is going to be next.

We see all around us ‘#PrayForNice’, ‘#PrayForParis’, ‘#PrayForOrlando’ when we shouldn’t be praying, we should be doing something about it. It’s a lot harder to say it than do, but we mustn’t live in fear as that’s what they want us to do. We know what can happen, we’ve witnessed it and we have now seen what damage can be done in such little time. All these attacks bring the remaining countries to their knees when in fact we should be standing tall together as a unit and finally bring an end to what I can call the beginning of another war.

Ask yourself, are you a help or a hindrance?





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  1. Aleeha says:

    The way you ended this post with that question… it’s true… many of us don’t do anything including me. If we want to get rid of all this negativity then we need to try a little harder and put some effort in.
    Aleeha xXx


  2. Wow this is thoughtful. I think a lot of People, ncluding me, don’t know how they should achieve anything and how to do smething against those rblems. I agree with you and you’ve written very great and true about the whole Thing!! x


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