What’s better than a hot day, a picnic and spending the day with your bestest friends? NOTHING! So today I can describe my day as the PERFECT DAY!

Truth be told we got inspired by Zoe and Poppy’s picnics so when we knew the hot weather was here to stay we wanted to get our picnic rug (or disney blanket) out at the first opportunity. Obviously we didn’t do theirs justice but we had fun. We went to the local park that none of us had visited before but really felt the need to as it was so close and offered so much to keep us occupied. Our day consisted of a LOT of laughs, food and a face full of sunburn but nevertheless it was a fab day!


-Allerthorpe Park-

I guess any land of grass is fine. As long as you aren’t trespassing and you have permission to be there then all is good. Like I said, we chose Allerthorpe Park as we hadn’t been there before and we knew that we could also do some other stuff than just having a picnic like canoeing, windsurfing or even just exploring the rest of the grounds. Anyone’s back garden would be great too! The practicalities of having a picnic in your garden are great.. who doesn’t love the idea of being close to a toilet and being connected to your own wifi instantly? But then again, exploring somewhere new is a little more exciting! We found a great spot that was far enough away from the half naked kids but still close enough to everyone else so we could people watch. I mean a good tree would have been quite useful  for us (mostly me) as I burn like a baby, but we just had to slap on the sun cream and deal with the painful consequences.



Onto the best bit…the food. Any picnic is a perfect excuse to try new foods and salads and I really wish that I gave myself enough time beforehand to plan out what I was going to take. I ended up bringing a selection of home-made sandwiches, a selection of fruit and some ice lollies too! Although there really isn’t anything wrong with popping to the nearest supermarket and picking up some ready made nibbles.

Just remember with any food that you take, remember a bin bag for all your rubbish, some napkins for those messy situations and a cool bag with an ice pack so your food stays nice and cool.

I can’t wait for another picnic so I can try out some recipes that I found on Pinterest and try out some of Poppy’s quick lunch ideas which seemed to go down a treat!





Not that your friends aren’t entertaining enough but it’s always good to have a few games or a bit of music going on. I took my wireless speakers with me in case we wanted to listen to some chill out Spotify playlist but we just ended up enjoying each others company and just relaxing in what was basically tranquillity.

After our picnic and plenty of people watching we wanted to try out the pedalo. It turned out to be quite a fun experience even if we all weren’t that into boats (especially Demi) who managed to sneak her way into the middle and was in charge of steering (or drifting) and me and Alice left in charge of making the boat actually move (which isn’t a walk in the park). We got chased by plenty of ducks whilst getting burnt once again by the reflection of the sun on the lake and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. It isn’t just pedalo’s they offer though, you can also do canoeing, open water swimming and sailing.



-Have Fun-

Let’s be honest, whether you do make a day of it or even just have a few snacks in your garden, nothing beats spending time with people who bring out the best in you. How could you not have a great day when surrounded by food, sunshine and friends?

Be sure to check out Demi’s post on our fun filled day and be sure to get your picnic blankets and plastic cups out at least once this summer.




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  1. Flor says:

    Hello! Looks like you had fun! Here in my country we’re in Autumn/Winter so the weather isn’t helping but I really wanna make a picnic!! I also got inspired by Zoe and Poppy, and yours looks amazing as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xx


    Liked by 1 person

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