We all just want to be ‘liked’

Growing up we all had those conversations about ‘liking’ someone or ‘liking-liking’ someone. The one like meaning you just saw them in the friend zone (like Lizzie to Gordo) ;the latter suggested you wanted something more. Nowadays the term ‘like’ has taken on a totally superficial connotation, or even more than that, an emoji rather than a actual word. This like now defines our thirst for social acceptance and it seems that we want to be liked rather than actually wanting to be liked. Between the number of likes on Facebook to the number of hearts on Instagram we’ve become virtually obsessed.

I’ll be first to plead guilty to this obsession. At some point we’ve all posted a status, photo or video and checked our notifications every 30 seconds waiting for those likes to come rolling in. (Especially that 11th like on Instagram). It’s as if we gain some kind of social status depending on the number of hits we get on any social media site. Worse than that, we almost feel down when we don’t reach our desired likes and feel the need to delete our said post and re upload for when it’s prime time.

Facebook allows us to like status’, photos, vines and pages yet sometimes we don’t even actually like them, we just use them as more of a supporting tool. We may not actually like that Instagram photo, but our friend put it in the group chat so I double tapped it to show my support and help her popularity grow.

I love capturing moments and uploading them online. I like knowing that people can see that I’m having fun and that’s really quite sad isn’t it? Although I do assume that it isn’t just me who wants a photo online to show the amount of fun that we’re having rather than actually having fun. Again, I hold my hands up, my Instagram and Facebook makes it seem that I have a social life and I have all the money in the world to do everything I want, but I really don’t. I’m basically living a double life. I’m basically a British, less popular and poorer Hannah Montana.

I would finish off this post by saying that I’m hoping that our obsession of being virtually liked will soon die down and we all at some point in the future will go back to actually saying to one another that you like them rather than showing it online, but for several reasons I really doubt that…So all I can really say to end this post is that I wish the best for your Instagram account and I hope it has a promising future.



(I am now going to be a total moron and ask you to like, share and comment lol, ta)

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  1. Love this post! found the link to your blog on Zoe’s 🙂 Unfortunately we’re more in the online, unreal world than in our real.. I don’t say I’m not but for some reason it’s making me a Little bit sad. x

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    1. itselysia says:

      Thankyou! make sure you spread the word and i’ll be sure to read yours too! I know me too! I want to go back to the old day 😦

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