Body Coach: Lean in 15 Pancakes

Breakfast is and always will be my favourite meal of the day. I saw these pancakes in the Lean In recipe book and wanted to give them a go. ( You can find my review on the book here).

They looked easy enough and knowing that they’re A LOT better for you than regular pancakes is a sure winner for me.

I changed the recipe slightly (by removing the protein powder) as this wasn’t a post-workout treat for me, more of a regular breakfast meal. But as I said they can be used for pre or post workout, so stack ’em up and enjoy! Either way you’ve earned them 😋




1 smashed banana              Fruit to serve

2 medium eggs                    Greek yoghurt to serve

1 teaspoon oats                    Honey to drizzle

A dash of milk



Begin by mashing up your banana and the oats until it forms a mushy consistency

In a separate bowl, crack to 2 eggs and and whisk adding a dash of milk

Add the eggs to the banana bowl and give it a final mix

Heat pan on a medium heat and spray with some low calorie butter spray (or normal butter, whichever you have lying around)

Pour batter into pan ( I can get about 4 pancakes out of the mix) and heat for 1-2 minutes on a medium heat and flip to repeat on the other side

Once all of the better is used, serve with fresh fruit, a few dollops of Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey.



Joe’s Recipe:







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  1. These sound amazing. I love finding healthy breakfast ideas. Having something to look forward to for breakfast makes getting out of bed so much easier! Will definitely add this to my list of must tries. Thanks! x

    Check us out at xx

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