Body Coach Review. #1


Another weight loss plan? Yes that’s right. We’ve jumped on the band wagon of lean in 15 meals and are religiously following the body coaches instructions on eating healthy and keeping fit.

I was first introduced to the Body Coach by a friend of mine (although not personally. Imagine that.) suggesting that I check out his Instagram profile for new inspirations on healthy meals. His Instagram lead me to his website and his website lead me to the local supermarket where I purchased his book ‘Lean in 15.’ Basically if you have been living in your own little bubble for the past few months and have no idea who he is, he basically came up with a plan, not a diet, a plan, where you follow certain recipes and workouts to achieve amazing goals. The book contains healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats which you would expect, however also includes numerous workout plans that you should be completing and what pre and post meals you should be eating to get the best results.

The thing with any recipe book is that you can guarantee that, one; your meals probably won’t look anything like what the image shows and two; your meals will take A LOT longer to do than what the time predicted suggests, much like the lean in 15. BUT I can hold my hand on my heart and say that the meals that I have cooked from this recipe book actually only take 15 minutes to do, which after a hard days work is exactly what most people want, alongside it tasting amazing.

What Joe does, is take all the good things your body needs including nuts, oils and lean meats and turns them into everyday meals that are quick and easy to eat on days that you don’t exercise. For workout days he has meal ideas that include more carbohydrates in order to help refuel your body after a workout. You can either live by the meal plan that he has laid out for you at the very end of the book, which shows basically a timetable of what you should eat and how many meals you should be eating depending on whether it is a workout day or not, or just eat a recipe here or there in order to make your eating generally a lot healthier. I’m not a snacker, but for those that are I think this is a great strict yet helpful regime.

I also like the fact that the breakfast, lunch and dinner plans are so varied. His breakfast choices range from scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to overnight oats and power smoothies which means that everyone’s choices are catered for.



His book also includes a section on high intensity workout ideas. These are basically short blasts of exercises that can be followed as much as you want. I much prefer following exercises that I can see visually rather than photos of how they should be done because chances are that I’m probably doing them completely wrong. The Body Coach allows you to see how the exercises should be completed as he posts them all on his social media pages including; Facebook and YouTube, which are both useful tools. The exercises are also very adaptable- the whole point is to push your body to the best you can.


So would I recommend this book? Well only using purely for the food I can safely say that this purchase was one which I won’t regret. The recipe choices are very quick and easy and the workout plans are well set out, but the thing I love the most about this book is that it actually shows you what you can look like if you follow some simple changes to your diet. Nothing motivates me more than seeing what I can achieve, I’m a competitor and seeing what I can achieve or what anyone can achieve with a little hard work is such a motivator for me. The workouts I haven’t tried, but I am well aware that a set of dumbbells would really be great use to you in these circumstances and the proof is in the pudding at the end section of the book.

I would also recommend purchasing some coconut oil, it features a lot in this book however some low calorie oil spray would probably work just as well.

The book is available to purchase online or in your local supermarket (which is where I bought mine)- so if you are serious on losing weight, toning up or even just wanting a few extra go-to recipes this book is definitely for you.


I hope it lives up to your expectations.

Thanks for reading.

( I will also be posting some more reviews on some of the recipes that I have been loving. I believe it’s easier to commit to a recipe that you know an everyday person like me can do, so stay tuned for those posts too). 🙂



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