Get Your Summer On😎

So I though it was only right to write a blog post on getting ready for summer considering it is OFFICIALLY summer!

Now summer in the UK is a strange one, we usually have about 4 great days and everyone stocks up their freezers with ice creams and uses their BBQ’s for those 4 days and then after that it all goes slightly downhill. At the minute we’ve had a ‘heatwave’ or so they say and to be quite frank it has been VERY hot but that will be it now for our summer unfortunately. I’m not a pessimist, I’m just being realistic  (Imagine actually having hot days and nights for like three months #thedream). Anyway, I thought it was only right to share with you my tips and advice on making the most out of those perfect summer days which we all have our fingers crossed for. Enjoy.


. Sun cream. 

Now I know I sound like a loser and we all wish that we could tan like we can fake tan but unfortunately for most, that isn’t the case. Especially in 20+ temperatures you want to make sure your skin is well protected from the sun’s UV rays. We all know that too much exposure to the suns UVA and UVB rays increases the chance of developing wrinkles and obviously more important skin cancer and anything that can be done to limit the chances should be. It’s also important that you wear the correct SPF, common sense to most however some people still don’t get it. (didn’t your mother used to slather you in what seemed like double cream and told you to stay out of the sun?…) It is also thought by most people that you can’t tan whilst wearing sun cream, you can, you just need to find the right SPF for your skin type.



Sun hat. 

Again, may sound like I’m a 70 year old woman, but having a burnt scalp is possibly one of the worst pains ever. Trust me I’ve been there. Hats are pretty stylish as well as effective so finding a stylish accessory that also protects your eyes, skin and neck from the sun, is to me all you can wish for (and bigger boobs). At the minute I’m loving the HUGE sun hat’s like what Rachel wears in the episode ‘The One with the Jellyfish’, however not quite as big. They’re so easy to throw on and looks so good with any bikini.


{here I’m modelling last years choice from urban outfitters}










A great pair of sunglasses is on everyone’s summer essentials list. The range of sunglasses is incredible, from Prada to Primark the choices are endless. Obviously the Primark option is more on my price scale and they probably have more choices than most places but get the ones that make you feel like you belong with the Kardashians.

I also discovered this mini article in a fashion magazine that showed you what sunglasses you should be wearing to suit your face shape, so if you struggle like I do finding a pair of sunglasses that don’t extenuate your cheeks or make you look like a 12 year old boy, I’m here to help you out.




It ain’t no holiday without a new swimsuit.I tend to get my swimsuits from either New look or Primark, generally because they are great quality and they are so cheap. Last year I wore the same swimsuit every day when I was away even though I took 4 other good choices. It was the style of a triangle bikini but A LOT cheaper. Again, the struggle is real when trying to find a swimsuit or bikini that shows the right parts and hides the not so right parts. Here I’ve found the answers to all your problems. Thank me later.




At the end of the day, we want to look good. We want to feel amazing and look amazing, come on those holiday diets want to be recognised don’t they?! To get the best on trend looks for any holiday I begin to browse the shops and online at least a few months beforehand. This way it allows you to examine every store possible to find all those perfect clothes that you want to show off. I hate being rushed, and it’s almost karma because you can guarantee that you won’t find anything when you really want something and you’ll find 101 things when you aren’t looking. Am I right? That’s why I get myself prepared and organised. This also gives me time to pick a colour that I’m going to stick with. Having everything matching is just an OCD kinda thing, but isn’t it the best when you open your suitcase to find everything all colour coordinated or is that just me?


I hope these 5 ‘s’ helped you on your way to having that perfect summer and please let me know what your must have’s for summer are too!


Thanks for reading



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