10 Genius Beauty Hacks


Everyone is always wanting the latest hacks to beauty, whether that be keeping your make-up on longer or finding the right way to make your contour look like perfection, we all need the tips. I’ve found some beauty hacks on social media and these have come in SO useful to me. I hope they do the same for you.


Apply eye primer to the bridge of your nose before applying your foundation. If you wear glasses this will make sure that the glasses won’t rub off your make-up wherever you go.




Make sure you make-up is applied in natural light, this will ensure that your make-up looks flawless and everything is blended.




If you’re wanting your eye shadow to really stand out, apply white eye shadow or liner beforehand as this will help intensify the colour. A white colour on the inner corner of your eye also makes your eyes stand out even more.




Use a spoon to achieve that perfect winged eye liner. Steps are as followed.




Highlighting above and below your brows it gives them an instant lift.




If you have no make-up setting spray to use after your make-up, simply spray your face with hairspray and it leaves you with the same result.




Apply foundation at the centre of your face and blend it out. If you apply foundation from the outside in, you might misjudge the amount of product you use or simply struggle to blend it, however blending it from the centre makes the foundation look more faded and natural.




Apply your concealer in  triangle shape under your eyes. This way it brightens the entire eye area and adds some highlight too.




When you buy a new foundation, make sure you swatch it on your neck, not your face. The colour on your face isn’t the same colour as the rest of your body due to sun exposure and breakouts. If you match your foundation to your cheek, you’ll probably end up with a shade that won’t match the colour of your neck (which we all know isn’t a nice sight). Instead, swipe three shades of foundation right below your jawline and whichever disappears is the one you must choose.




Don’t pump your mascara to get more product on it, by doing this it actually dries out the product and causes clumping and flaking. Instead, gently twist the wand back and forth to get the product on the wand.




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