My Driving Exprience




So as I am writing this I am currently sat with the biggest smile on my face as this morning  at approximately 9:15 I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I know that to most people this may just be another thing that they can cross off their list, but not for me, it now means that I can buy a car and most importantly no more bus journeys! (I’m in no way a bus snob, but getting a bus twice a day for 6 months gets slightly endless)…This blog post is just going to be a little flashback to my driving experience and how I felt about learning to drive. I’m not sure about you but I love to hear about everyone’s different driving experiences and how they finally get round to passing their tests.

Let’s go back to last summer when my first driving lesson was. I felt really good about getting in the drivers seat for the first time, I did have a few butterflies in my stomach but a few nerves never hurt anyone. My first lesson included just getting used to the car that I was learning in. My instructor talked me through how the car worked and wanted to get me driving straight away. This lesson was good to me and before I knew it I ended up overtaking a tractor on a main road on the way back to my house. This slightly came as a surprise to me considering all my other friends had just driven down back streets practising starting and stopping, but I guess it was a good thing for me seeing that my instructor had instant faith in my driving.

After my first lesson I carried on for about a month or so and then stopped. By the time my third lesson came along I used to get so stressed and anxious about driving I couldn’t sleep. I used to get myself so wound up about it and I would get super nervous before each lesson, and I even started to feel uncomfortable as a passenger in any car. I’m honestly not 100% sure why but I felt like driving wasn’t for me so I stopped for a few weeks. I got really annoyed with myself because I hate giving up on anything and it honestly had felt like I had failed at something that I really wanted to complete.

September came and I booked another lesson but with a different instructor this time. I had an idea that changing instructors might help out my anxiety a little and it really did. I had one lesson with my new instructor and then never booked another one. Sounds familiar right? I just never got round to booking another one and pushed driving to a side for another few months. I was in no rush.

After beginning my new job in October which I needed to travel for, I realised that I would not be able to use the bus everyday for pretty much the rest of my life and earning a little extra money I was able to make sure that I could afford the lessons. I went back to the second instructor I had and my driving slowly got better every week. A few weeks had gone by and I was told to book my theory test. Somehow I passed my theory test first time and it was actually okay. It really does 100% depend on the day and the questions you get. You can revise and revise and still fail all simply due to the luck of the draw of the questions, or on the other hand you can pass because the questions you get are just general knowledge. Luckily for me I got questions that I had revised and I passed both sections.

Anyway the pressure was now on, after passing my theory I was now on to booking my practical test. The wait for the driving test was a good 3 month wait anyway so I thought the sooner I booked my test the better.

My test came around in the blink of an eye and I’m not sure about other learners but somehow my lessons seemed to regress the closer my test was getting. I was probably just over thinking everything but after my lessons I would stress my head off thinking that I would in no way pass my driving test. As you’ll probably know from every social media site that I post on, I somehow passed first time! I really wasn’t expecting it and again like the theory test, it does just depend on the day. I was told that it’s okay for your lesson beforehand to be awful because it means your test will be fine, however having a good lesson beforehand I did slightly panic. Bearing that in mind I made myself relax for a few minutes and finally felt comfortable in the car. Finding out I had passed was such a relief and I was so proud of myself knowing that I finally completed something that I’ve been trying to do for what seemed like a lifetime.



So  basically if you’re like me and you’ve been learning for a while or have just started I would just give one piece of advice and that is to stick at it. No matter how anxious or nervous you might feel, try and find a solution to calming those nerves. Overall it took me around 25 hours to learn but everyone’s experiences are different so never compare your journey to anyone else’s. Just go with your flow and go at your own pace! You’ve got this!!!



  • Stay relaxed. It’s amazing what you can do when you are chill.
  • Your instructor has pedals on their side for your mistakes so make them now whilst you can.
  • Don’t worry about other drivers, they were learners once.
  • Don’t let failing put you off, everything happens for a reason.
  • Be positive.








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