Now I’m not too sure about you but I am unable to go a day without checking up on all my social media apps; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and most definitely Snapchat. My favourite thing about Snapchat (excluding the face swap) is reading the Cosmopolitan article that pops up everyday in the top bar. It always contains come weird stuff, but is actually quite useful and some articles do really interest me. The latest one that has caught my eye is yet another crazy body challenge that tests whether you are ‘skinny’ enough (surprise surprise, it’s all we are bothered about apparently). I wrote a similar article a few weeks back to this one and if you are interested you are welcome to give it a read here, and if not, then let’s just carry on.

So the latest ridiculous trend on the internet is the ‘Iphone 6 challenge’ which in a nutshell basically includes taking your Iphone 6 and using it to cover your knees in order to see and prove that your legs are skinny enough. Much like the other obsession, this bizarre body shaming idea comes from China and has reportedly become the ‘new generation of standard legs’. Yeah wtf?

It’s such a shame that these challenges are still continuing and it’s even more of a shame to see these women taking it so seriously. Why would you even want your legs to look that like that? I one hundred percent believe that if women or albeit men or women feel comfortable in their own skin then that’s all that matters. You should in now way be leaning towards some challenge that in actual fact has no correlation from the size of your knees to your body weight. You can be the skinniest person alive and your knees can still be bigger than an Iphone 6, no matter how much exercise you do to lose weight, you only lose muscle mass if dieting excessively, not bone density so this makes no sense. To shrink the size of a knee would have to be done quick and in a unhealthy way, so why would you want to do that? It now seems that we aren’t just using our phones for communication and social media, but also as a weight guidance tool too.

Am I the only one who finds these challenges so ridiculous they are actually very amusing? I wonder what the next body shaming craze will be?

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