What’s in my make-up bag?

For this weeks post I thought I would give you a little insight to what make-up I have been obsessed with over these past few weeks and what I’m leaning towards this spring. Some of these products I have only just discovered and some I have had hidden away for sometime now and only just recently tried (and never looked back). Nevertheless, here’s my make-up bag and what’s in it.


make up 2


Beauty blender:

I got a collection of 3 beauty blenders back in December 2014 for Christmas, mainly because I wanted to hop on the beauty blender train and see what everyone’s obsession with this new applicator was. Truth be told, I forgot about them almost instantly because I couldn’t get the hang of them and just used my Real Techniques brushes instead. Recently I thought I should attempt to try and get the hang of these sponges and ‘crack the code’. I realised that it does take a lot of time getting used to them and maybe it was just that way that it made my foundation look different on my skin that I didn’t like? Who knows… but after using my beauty blenders for the past month or so I can’t understand how why I ever neglected them. I now only reach for these on a day to day basis.

beauty bldner 2beauty blender




I love playing around with different mascaras, however it is also a gamble when I buy a mascara that I’ve never used before. It’s like throwing yourself into the deep end, you don’t know if it will make you better for it or not. (is that a good simile?) Confession I bought this mascara for two reasons; one, Gigi Hadid aka my ultimate girl crush advertises this mascara for Maybeline and if I can resemble Gigi in any way, shape or form then I will. And my second reason is that my two favourite bloggers/ YouTubers, Zoella and Tanya Burr have also been raving out this product and anything that they truthfully love I feel the need to try because I need their beauty tips. I didn’t think anything would beat my Mac Upward Black Mascara but I think this might have just done that…

mascara 2mascara



Face primer:

Unfortunately I’ve reached the end of my smashbox water primer and I was for sure in need of another primer to take its place. When passing in boots I picked up this primer to try it out because it was a new product that they had released and why not spend more money when you don’t actually have any to spend in the first place? This pore primer does definitely minimize the appearance of pores and a little goes a long way, which is what you want if you are buying a quite pricey product in my eyes. But as I said this product is quite pricey so make sure you really want it before you buy it.





I’ve always been a No 1 fan of No7 products and any foundation or concealer I buy is from this counter. I personally recommend taking a trip into Boots and getting your skin matched, this ensures that you are buying the right shade of foundation every time and  because they have over 15 shades you are sure to find one that suits your skin tone. At this moment in time I am mixing my Superlight foundation and my Airbrush Away foundation together. I love the consistency of the Superlight foundation but the Airbrush away colour suits my skin a lot more. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before?!





Who doesn’t love a multi purpose product? Not only have I been using shades from this compact for eye shadows but also as highlighters too. The other highlighters that I have in my make-up collection aren’t as pigmented and I’m all for that highlighted look.  I have been reaching for the cool pinky colours in this compact such as; 33 Ivy Envy SATIN, 50 Sandbar Beige MATTE and 72 Amazing Grey Shimmer. All these colours are also great highlight shades and they give your face a new fresh look. This palette is very light weight and is a relatively small compact size considering it contains 18 colours. Very easy to throw in your make up bag.

eyeeye 2




Sticking to the spring pinky theme, my go to lipstick this season is my mauve pink matt lipstick. This is another product that I received late last year and never got round to using it. Pink for me, isn’t a winter shade that I would reach for so I’m glad that I can now use this lipstick endlessly. It does dry matte so I always apply a pale gloss over the top to add that shine that is lost when it dries on your lips. The gloss I use and have always used since I bought it is the No7 High Shine gloss however if you are all for the matte look then there is obviously no need to add that extra shine.

lips 2




Now I know what you’re thinking, Vaseline? I swear my lips are dry 24/7 and I have to carry some kind of lip therapy around with me all the time to keep them moisturised. I’ve been leaning towards Vaseline these past few weeks because I’ve recently read that applying Vaseline to your eyelashes helps rehydrate them and make them thicker. Whether this is true or not I’m not too sure, but they for sure feel smoother. I’m always for that product that does more than one thing. Vaseline is my life saver at the minute!



Thanks for reading!

Make sure you check out these products and let me know what’s in your make-up bag! X









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