I miss the times growing up when nothing mattered and we had no care in the world. We didn’t take notice on what people looked like or how they acted and this should still be the same now. But it’s not.

I read this article yesterday regarding peoples body types and it just made me stop and think for a second and the more I read it, the more I got stupidly frustrated. Another day and another stupid social media campaign that is creating a whole new level of the ‘perfect body type’. This campaign is named the ‘A4 challenge’ where women are encouraged to see if their waists are smaller than an A4 piece of paper. If their waists are smaller than the A4 sheet, then they post a photo on social media showing that with the hashtag #A4waist.

The trend is reported to have started in China but has now unfortunately spread globally. We all know that women already struggle accepting their body types, may that be; curvy, thin or ‘normal’ and unfortunately living our lives through social media makes us notice these said ‘imperfections’ more. In no way does this trend promote health or fitness but just recognises the fact that the main focus on social media is the way that people look. How can an A4 piece of paper show you whether your weight or okay or not? It can’t. Being the size of an A4 piece of paper is not an accurate measurement and the fact that people are using this as a measuring tool is pretty disgusting.

I am all for being fit and healthy but when matters reach extremes, that’s when things like this have to stop. And the worrying thing is, is that irrational ideas like these are ruining young girls lives. We’ve all stood in front of that mirror and looked to see if we have a thigh gap or not and if we don’t well, we must be getting fat and we must starve ourselves until our bodies look like those on Instagram that are clearly edited. But why? Everyone’s bodies are built differently, and it’s our differences that make us who we are.

Who’s to tell us that we can or can’t look a certain way, or that we should or shouldn’t lose or gain weight? No one should ever have the power to do that except ourselves and hearing stories that little 7 year old girls are now calling themselves fat really upsets me or the fact that we now must edit the living daylight out of our photos to make our bums look bigger or our faces look airbrushed. I didn’t even know what fat or thin was when I was that age and I guess that’s because back then we had other more important topics which were our main focus, like enjoying our younger years by playing outside and seeing what the ‘real’ world had to offer.

Whether we know it or not social media is slowly controlling our lives.

What world are we letting ourselves grow up in?



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