Primark Haul♡

So I went on a big shopping spree this weekend and safe to say, I again spent too much money. I initially intended to go for wellies and roll-up shoes, and came back with neither of those items…but a lot of other stuff! Typical ey?
I love Primark and I understand that some people don’t agree with it because of the working conditions some people have to go through, which is why the clothes are so cheap, however the working conditions have actually improved so all is good.
I end up coming back from Primark with things which I would never usually buy, however feel the need to because it is so cheap, so why not?
One of the downsides to Primark for me though is that you have to go in at the right time to find the right things. One day you’ll go in and see nothing, and the next you’ll go in and buy everything; it’s just luck I reckon.
Luckily for me, this time I found a lot of things that I loved, however I don’t think my bank account was too impressed…
Here’s what I got and I hope you enjoy♡

This item is a mustard blouse with a round neck and 3/4 sleeves. The last time I went to Primark I actually bought the exact same shirt in white and I loved it! It fits really well and is very flattering considering it has quite a loose structure. Goes well with basically everything which is why I bought another. I love the colour of this one, and pairing it with some simple back jeans and ankle boots would look ace!

I only realised that I bought basically the exact same blouse as the other when I got home. Yep, it is exactly the same colour but the style is a little different. This top crosses over the body and has a tie-like the feature near the neck line. These kind of items seem to be in at the minute which is why I thought I had to buy one! Again with some black jeans and pumps, this is a must.

There seems to be a theme here, why am I buying items that I already have at home? Only when I was hanging it up in my wardrobe, I realised that have a similar knitted skirt (woops). I saw this grey knitted skirt and instantly put it in by basket. Nothing more wintry than a knitted skirt and woolly tights right? This skirt is so comfy and is very flattering on my body. I will be wearing this a lot I know it!

We all have the struggle of trying to keep black jeans black for as long as possible and no matter where you buy them from or how much they cost after a few washes, they all turn to a washed out black/grey colour and it ain’t good. I love topshop jeans and they are probably my favourite type of jeans however they cost so much and I really can’t afford to buy these jeans all the time. Last time I went to Primark I bought a pair of jeans and they are an exact replica of the Topshop brand. They were super soft and super skinny and I haven’t stopped wearing them! They fit amazingly and don’t go baggy around the knees, which is also another issue I have. This time I went and bought the same jeans but in black. Hopefully they keep their colour and I get as much wear out of them as the others.


Pretty much what you see is what you get. I tend to go quite crazy on shoes in this store as they are so cheap and actually last me quite a while. Again, I have the same pair of these shoes in burgundy so a pair in black was a must. I actually bought two pairs as they were only £4 each, amazing! They fit very well and have built in padding to the heel and sole in the shoes so they add extra comfort, can’t go wrong can you?

I always think a pair of black trainer pumps are useful for just slipping on when you need to pop out somewhere. Don’t get me wrong I love treating myself to more expensive shoes from time to time, but why miss out on these when they only cost £4? I tend to go through a lot of these shoe styles because I end up wearing them 24/7. I only bought black ones this time but they had a collection of many colours and also a high top style shoe too!

 If you know me you know that I love a good hat! To my surprise they had some still in stock so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Terracotta isn’t a colour I usually go for but I think it suits my skin tone quite well. It is a great size and had a great amount of floppyness which I believe it vital! I’m in love.
 I can’t leave Primark without a pair of joggers in my basket. Nothing more comfy than a pair of joggers and a hoodie on a cold day. Again I’m growing my collection of joggers as I already have these exact same ones in blue and baby pink. They are my ‘go-to’ on a day off and as I’m writing this I am wearing my joggers. Nothing else to say, they’re fab.
 I love treating myself to work-out gear and now I know to just wait until I go to Primark to buy my sportswear. I’ve already bought plenty of work out stuff from here before and has been put to great use. The sports bra’s tend to fit me really well however I buy the size above what I actually am because they are pretty small…This one is a washed out grey with a black rim. It goes well with everything which of course is the main priority am I right?
 My other work out item I bought were these full length work out leggings. I usually by 3/4 length leggings for working out in, so I thought I would by something different this time. They are such a stretchy material which of course is key. They go tighter at the bottom and grasp around the ankles which I like, however due to my incredibly small legs they are a little baggy so I sort of wished that I tried them or or bought the smaller size.
Finally my last items that I bought… (I hope you’re all still reading and I haven’t bored you too much). If you love fashion rings and necklaces then this is definitely for you. I’m not usually one to buy fashion jewellery however they were all discounted so I thought why not. Most of my accessories are silver and I barely own any gold accessories so I wanted to change that. One thing I bought was a pack of three fashion rings. I love these because they are quite different from usual rings and to me look quite expensive. I think these only cost me £1.50. Another pack of rings I bought was a pack of 8 gold rings. They’re all different styles and sizes which I like. Some rings are midi rings and some are normal. I think these were £1. Bargain!

Thank-you for reading! Please let me know what your favourite item was and be sure to check out the links to my social media:)


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. japonicanyc says:

    I want a lace-front shirt, but feel they were super trendy…is the “craze” over? That one is super cute!


    1. elysiacutts1 says:

      I did’nt buy it because of the craze I just loved the tee! I’m sure you can still buy them! thanks:)


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