Staying Fit and Healthy

Keeping fit and healthy is something that I really live by and kind of support. I don’t believe that there is anything else more important than taking care of your body to make yourself feel good. Now don’t mistake me for a health freak who only eats lettuce and kale because I am DEFINITELY not one of those, but I do believe in making your sure that you are eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise.
Quite a lot of my friends ask me why I do this or why when we go to Nandos and I always order a salad or why when we go anywhere I order a salad? and the reason is just because it makes me feel good within myself!
I thought since quite a lot of people ask me what I do to stay fit, I would do a blog post explaining that. It will be a how I keep fit and healthy/ daily routine on my days off kind of post, so if you are interested then please keep reading.
I generally begin my day by making myself get up at a reasonable time, usually around 9am ish (and I say ish). Now some of you may think that 9 am isn’t a lie in, but if you are waking up at 5am most days you will appreciate 9 am like I now do.
Then I go and get breakfast which usually consists of porridge mixed with fruit, a glass of orange juice, a glass of water and a ‘cuppa’ tea. I just tend to lean towards porridge most days because it’s fairly quick and easy to make and making  a complex breakfast half asleep  isn’t the first thing on my agenda.
After I’ve had my breakfast and caught up on my YouTube videos I tend to go get ready, just into something comfy (so definitely joggers and hoodie). This morning however, the weather was so sunny I decided to go for a run. I don’t usually do this, but it was nice and I had nothing better to do. I also knew that I would be spending the rest of the day on my ass so I needed to get some fresh air. Today I ran 5.4k and I was pretty happy with that.
Anything is better than nothing.
Then comes lunch time (usually 4 hours after breakfast) and my lunches are generally pretty boring. Today I had a cheese salad wrap and then mixed fruit and yoghurt whilst watching endless amounts of old episodes of Dance Moms. And by endless, I do mean a good 4 hours.
I spent most of the afternoon watching TV and on my laptop but I did manage to fit in my 30 day AB CHALLENGE which I’ve started again. I’m telling you now, it is such a killer but it so works. I would recommend this specific challenge just because there are only 4 different ab workouts and they are done in no time. I’m only 1 week in and seeing some great results. We all want that summer bod don’t we?
*nods but cries into a bag of Maltesers*
A few hours late and it’s dinner time.
My dinner meals are always so good! My mum is a pro at cooking and she makes some amazing stuff. Most of our meals are from the slimming world magazines and they always taste insane! They do take a little longer to prepare, but they are so much better for you than anything shop bought. (I forgot to take a photo of my dinner as I literally ate it all in 0.75848 seconds).
The evening finished with me going to dance for an hour and then pretty much dying on the floor when I got home. I always make sure that I’m asleep for at least 7 hours before I’m due to be up the next day. Why? Well 9 times out of 10 I’m shattered anyway but also it is recommend that an adult gets between 7-8 hours sleep a night. Personally I just try and sleep well so I look less like a zombie in the morning and trust me NO ONE wants to see that!
Hope you all enjoyed this different post on my daily routine/ health tips and please let me know what you think.
If you hadn’t noticed too, I’ve changed websites so be sure to read the posts that are already up:)



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